Day in the Life photography it's all about capturing the magic behind daily ordinary moments. That are usually ignored. However, when paying enough attention one can find and appreciate the beauty behind daily family life with children. Whether is eating breakfast, getting out the door, using the bathroom, playing, studying, or getting in trouble being curious there is no dull moment. Joy, sadness, frustrations and silliness alike. All celebrate the experience of being human, and show the courage, strength and beauty of families and their members. As one parent put it:

"The photo shoot was a lovely reminder of all the wonderful joys in our everyday lives. I look at those pictures when I need a reminder that we are doing alright, indeed, as parents. It's too easy to focus on all my mistakes and shortfalls because I want to do so much better as a parent; or to focus on big moments like vacations, birthdays, and such. But, the pictures help me focus on all that we are doing right in our everyday, normal life. And that focus gives me immense peace and strength."

My aspiration is to give families a collection of moments to look back and find inspiration, comfort and joy in the magic and beauty it went into their lives.

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